Neurophysiology is the branch of neuroscience and physiology that exploits the functioning of the nervous system. These studies are carried out using electrophysiological or molecular biological tools.  Insights of neurophysiology render the elaborate description of the revolutionized anatomy of nervous system, the motor response control system, thought processing and memory management system. Discussions can also be made in neuromuscular physiology, neural mechanisms of higher nervous activity and contemporary problems of Neuroscience can also be conferred.

  • Track 4-1 Clinical Neurophysiology
  • Track 4-2 Surgical Neurophysiology
  • Track 4-3 Systemic Neurophysiology
  • Track 4-4 Disorder Diagnostics Modalities
  • Track 4-5 Metabolic Disorders in Neurophysiology
  • Track 4-6 Physio-therapy
  • Track 4-7 Neurophysiology of Pain

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