Neuro Endocrinology

The central neuroendocrine systems serve in as an interface between the brain and a significant number of the peripheral endocrine systems. A neuroendocrine system can be characterized as the glands and non-endocrine tissues, arrangements neurons and hormones, the neurochemicals and humoral signs they produce and receive, that work in a coordinated manner to collectively regulate a physiological or behavioural state. In this session, we define and describe different types of neuroendocrine systems, and review the basic integrative mechanisms that each people to operate under normal physiological circumstances.

  • Track 18-1 Homeostasis
  • Track 18-2 Growth Hormone
  • Track 18-3 Obstructive Sleep Apnea Risk
  • Track 18-4 Neuro inflammation
  • Track 18-5 Pituitary

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